Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Patient Safety

Safety checklist for caesarean sections launched

The National Patient Safety Agency has launched a surgical safety checklist for maternity.

The tool is aimed at improving patient safety and reducing harm for patients having a caesarean section or other surgical procedure related to childbirth.

The maternity checklist, which the agency said was requested by maternity services, is an adaptation of the World Health Organization’s surgical safety checklist.

The maternity checklist calls on staff to check the resuscitaire has been checked and is in working order and the neonatal team have been called, if required; ensure the urinary catheter is draining; check the baby/babies have been identified with ID bands; and check to ensure cord bloods have been taken, if required.

Suzette Woodward, NPSA director of patient safety, said: “The surgical safety checklist has been proven to reduce harm and save lives. The benefits will make a major difference for women in maternity care, in particular those undergoing a caesarean section’.

“With 24.8% of births being by caesarean section, as well as other procedures that women may have to go through related to childbirth, this checklist will improve the safety of the care provided across the NHS.”

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