Thursday, March 29, 2012

Patients in Clinical Drug Trials

When it comes to clinical trials of prescription drugs, Consumer Health Information Corporation recommends that patient adherence must be higher than the general public. If it’s lower, people taking the recommended dose could be taking one that’s too high, which could lead to toxicity and unexpected drug effects.  

When people take the recommended dosing of a drug, they assume it’s the right amount and safe.  

The last 20 years of research on patient adherence in clinical trials have been reviewed by Dr. Dorothy L. Smith, and she has found that up to 30 percent of clinical trial patients are not taking the full dose or missing them altogether. In order to find the safest dose, study investigators say it’s very important that patient adherence in clinical trials need to be higher than that of the general population.  

Unfortunately, some people participating in clinical trials like to please the study team when it comes to giving feedback. Some do not report that they had missed doses, and others just don’t give honest answers. The findings come from the decisions the study patients make and their behavior.  

Depending on the results from tests, the dose recommended for the public could be too high.  

According to the article from PRWEB, there are things that can be done in the clinical trials that would help protect the public.   

Study patients should feel comfortable and safe in order to provide honest feedback about the trials. Study investigators could make it easier for study patients to remember their role in the research, such as reminding them to take their doses texts, Smartphone Apps, diaries and detailed instructions. Also, information given to study patients needs to be easy to read and understand.

Therefore, clinical trial investigators need to develop a strategy where honest answers are given, and one where study patient adherence is higher than the general public.  

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