Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pill Bottle Warnings

Pill Bottle Warnings Often Go Unnoticed

Sometimes, especially among the elderly, the colorful warning labels on the sides of pill bottles and vials go unnoticed. 

According to MedPage Today, a study has found that the colorful labels oftentimes do not capture the attention of those taking the medications.  

Groups of both young and old participants were tested to see whether or not the labels were read, and it was discovered that only 54 percent of the older group looked at the warnings. About 92 percent of the younger participants looked at the labels.  

The ages of the group ranged from 20 to 29 and 51 to 77.

The findings help explain why older patients are at greater risks for adverse drug events and how they can easily forget the bottle’s contents.  

The participants were tested on their ability to notice specific information on the vials and how long they were able to remember it. Eye-tracking technology was used to see which parts of the vials they were examining most.  

Researchers from the study are now saying that labels need to be designed that will help attract attention. After that’s accomplished, wording and content will also need to be changed.  

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