Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bugaboo Baby Strollers

Bugaboo International is recalling both their Cameleon and Donkey strollers, because of risks of choking and injury. In the United States, 46,300 strollers are being recalled.

A button on the stroller’s seat carry handle can become disengaged and cause the handle to detach. Children are put at risk of falling and injuring themselves or choking.

Serial numbers are printed on the stroller's chassis, located under the carrycot/seat.

The Cameleon strollers were sold between Sept. 2009 and June of 2012 and include the following serial numbers: 04011090900001 to 04031101009999, 08011090900001 to 08021100800386, and 140100093600531 to 140103123350418.

The Donkey models were sold between Jan. 2011 and Dec. 2012 and include serial numbers 170101105300001 to 170104130900500.

Consumers can contact Bugaboo at 800-460-2922 for a free replacement handle.

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