Friday, October 11, 2013

A life-saving app

HealthTap, a health information start-up, recently heard from its 10,000th user, who said the site saved her life.  

The user explained that her local doctor brushed her off and told her that what she was experiencing was nothing but anxiety. After the appointment, she turned to HealthTap, where she was able to explain to a medical expert what she was going through. The doctor who took the question told the user that her condition sounded like a blocked artery. Sure enough, she soon saw a cardiology specialist who later inserted a coronary stent.  

Since 2012, the site has logged nearly a billion questions and answers that range from headaches and the common cold to things more serious such as concerns about cancer treatment and medications. After questions are asked, they are routed to a physician who is an expert in that particular field of medicine and who is determined to be most likely to respond quickly.  

Nearly 50,000 doctors contribute their advice for free to this site. HealthTap is both a Web site and a mobile application.

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