Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Power Naps in the Medical Field

A lot of medical errors are caused when doctors and nurses are sleep deprived, so could napping be the answer when it comes to improving certain safety problems in hospitals?  

According to an article on Healthland, "one study found that after 24 consecutive hours of wakefulness, people’s motor skills and judgment are as impaired as if they had a blood alcohol level over the legal driving limit."

When residents need rest, it might not be a bad idea for them to take a quick nap. It would help them think cleary and have a better reaction time, which could lead to less mistakes.  

In other studies, sleep scientists have proven that naps as short as one hour can prevent performance error.  

Tired workers have a higher chance of making more mistakes, thus putting patients in danger. Power naps may be the cure to fatigued and overworked doctors and nurses.


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  1. "A lot of medical errors are caused when doctors and nurses are sleep deprived.."

    And pharmacists too.