Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hospital Linked Infections Down

Based on a report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, health care associated infections are down.

According to an article from Medpage Today, there were 13,812 bloodstream infections associated with central lines that were reported in 2010, compared to an estimated number of 20,185 that was based off of what was seen between 2006-2008.

This represents a 32 percent decrease in infection rates.

Other infection rates that were reduced:

  • Catheter-associated infections had 9,995 cases reported in 2010, with an estimated 10,657 to be expected. This had a six percent decrease.

  • Surgical site infections had 5,170 expected cases to be counted for, with only 4,737 reported. This shows an eight percent national decrease.

  • Urinary tract infections in critical care units had a three percent reduction rate.

Only two states, Arizona and Delaware, had reported increases in hospital linked infections.

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