Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Xenex Disinfection System

Ellis Medicine is the second hospital in the state of New York to begin using Xenex’s innovative germ-zapping technology, ultimately keeping patients safer from acquiring hospital infections. 

Xenex Portable
Disinfection System
According to a press release from Market Watch, Xenex Healthcare Services has a new machine that can disinfect patient rooms in hospitals. The portable device pulses blue ultraviolet light throughout the room, destroying bacteria, bacteria spores and viruses in 5-10 minutes.

Studies have shown that using the Xenex room disinfection system is 20 times more effective than the usual chemical cleaning practices. 

The Xenex system was first deployed in late 2010, and has helped Clostridium difficile (C. diff) rates drop significantly in hospitals across the county.  

The C. diff germ is a type of bacteria that causes inflammation of the colon and can live in an environment, such as a patient’s room, for months. This stubborn germ has been showing up more often in hospitals across the country in recent years.  

This system is the only one to result in a facility-wide decrease in C. diff rates.

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